Hello I bought vBulletin Cloud last week, but having bit of trouble setting up the forum. (the basic layout)

I want to make it look similar to VBForums(http://www.vbforums.com), i.e.
- VBForums have 9 different main sections(Visual Basic, .NET and More, General, Other Languages, etc) and there are a total 67 different main topics(15+8+10+8+12+5+3+3+3) under these 9 main sections.
- For my forum I plan to have 4 different main sections at the start and 16 main topics(or sub sections, 5+7+3+1) under these 4 main sections.

I've been playing with the menu and different settings but can't seem to set this up. Could you please give me some instructions?
So far I've selected "Edit Page" from the main page, then selected the "Default Channel Page Template".
Then using the "Quick Setup" option, I can add or erase new main topics but only under one section called "Forum".
*Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/1dd3efA

But I want to have 4 different sections and have different main topics under these 4 sections. e.g.
*Screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/9z3nWc9 (Photoshopped)

Thank you.