I have a script, that updates a HTML page once per hour (it's a calendar, but I can grab the HTML only). That content is to be included as is on my vB 5.6.2+ (going to update to 5.6.3 soon) installation.
Until 5.6.1, I used the PHP module, loading the file via HTTP request, and echoed it to the page.
Now, the PHP module has been disabled (see https://forum.vbulletin.com/articles...php-in-modules), and this technique is not working anymore.

Since the HTML file is completely static upon loading the file, I do not really need the PHP code around it. Simply including the file would be totally fine. Is there any way to do so?
Please note: I cannot simply copy the file's content as a static content. While this would work of course, the updates would get lost - or keep me busy updating the static content manually.

Thanks for your help.