In templates like widget_onlineusers we have expressions that use the {vb:datetime} function. Reading core/vb/template/runtime.php it seems like the datetime function takes a number of arguments. I'm trying to figure out how to set a time format.

The default template has this: {vb:datetime {vb:raw onlineUserCounts.maxonlinedate}, time}. It results in a time format like "03:04 PM", which I would like to adjust. In theory, if we follow standard PHP notation, which it gets from C's strftime(), I could probably use "%l:%M" to get " 3:04 PM" or I could use "%I:%M" to get "15:04". I looked at the vb5 connect template syntax in the documentation, but the datatime function isn't listed there. I don't know how to pass the format to the datetime function.

I've tried, for example, changing the template to {vb:datetime {vb:raw onlineUserCounts.maxonlinedate}, time, formattime="%h:%m:%s"} } but I still see "03:04 PM" in the output. What's the syntax to set the time format?