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Gsworld master's Message

14 years inept and the end

Hi friends,

Yes, I have to say with regret that the Incompetent closes after 14 years.

Why is it closing?

While doing this job somehow it is necessary to stay hidden. It is risky to buy a domain here and rent a server from somewhere.

Also, in a board with a large database like us, each server cannot carry any options, so it is limited.

We have been working with the server that we have been in for many years, and even though there have been prosecutors' decisions, we have kept our confidentiality and have come here with some changes.

Google ads existed up to 2 years ago, and somehow the spin was turning, and then it was difficult to find a solid advertising company.

When we say google after the officials that formerly took over after the visoduck, we have come by this time. Last year we received this money from our pockets, but it's time to say so far.

When does it close?

The money of the server was paid until 31.03.15. We asked the authorities some time, but we are at the end of this time. It can be closed at any time.

Can something be done to prevent it from closing?

No. I do not let your feet say that they took so much money from the nation as water.

We tried to solve this job with our own means, but as I said above, it is up to here.

After that, you are incompetent?

It will not. There will never be any formation under the name of Incompetent.

I don't know if the guys who work here open a Board for themselves, but it won't be the bastards.

Until now, there are fraudsters who are incompetent except us, as they have nothing to do with us, and then you should not be given a premium.

What will be the GSworld name?

I use this name more than 15 of you, I have never been a member of this name anywhere else and I will not be after that.

Absolutely not me and I will never be in any formation.

If someone sees this name, he knows that he is fraudulent in this person, just like Boards imitating the Clumsy.

What will happen to the members here?

Many Boarda members are already present and all Boards can be found on google.

If anyone does not know where to go, write it down, folks can write Boards to each other.

Finally, I would like to thank all the friends who have served here so far.

I would like to thank the members for the friendship they have given for 14 years, although we sometimes had problems with some members.

And I want to thank the friends who are on duty right now.

Although I have not been interested in recent years, here for trying to serve you with other friends.

I am halal to everyone, halal to you.

Note: I will not be able to write the presentation. When starting the Board business, my eldest daughter was in my lap, I was dealing with Boards in Tastatur. He will be 18 years old now.

I gave the time I could not give to my daughters in Boarda. We went until the mornings to protect the board and take it forward without even sleeping.

It was a good day. Thanks again to everyone.

Greetings and be entrusted to God


We are waiting for those who miss old awkwardness to OzBeceriksizler.net.